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Change is inevitable it is like the weather. I faced this reality when our boys announced that they were moving out of our home. I did not know how to handle my new role, “empty nester.” I once heard somebody say that change is beautiful; some people embrace it while others resist it. In my hands I had a choice, to embrace it or resist it. Failure to embrace it could be accompanied by consequences such as stagnation, depression and lack of purpose.
It is Important to know how to embrace change, since it can come in many forms; such as a great force like earth quake, or creep along incrementally like cold. It can also come in a devastating fashion like loss, failed relationship or new opportunities.

Though embracing change is difficult, it is for our own benefit. Succeeding in life requires significant change that will push us out of our comfort zone. Making our lives better requires forcing ourselves to embrace difficult change with a positive attitude. This might require taking tough measures like breaking unhealthy friendships, getting out of an abusive relationship and challenging a mediocre spiritual life.

Change is in God’s control. “For I know the plans I have for you,”declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11 NIV

Life without change can be flat with sameness, lacking adventure; it becomes boring practicing the same routine over and over. Growth does not occur without change and we cannot be transformed to be like Christ without it. God allows change in our lives as his way of nurturing and growing us. We should not be afraid because he knows everything and all we need to do is to get rooted in his love and unfailing grace.

God has a plan for our lives including change. Change is inevitable and a necessity because it is intertwined in the plan and purpose of God for our lives.

Benefits of Embracing Change. Change becomes your personal teacher if you embrace it with an open mind, without letting fear deter you from its course. It brings in new opportunities for personal and spiritual growth while offering an opportunity to build new skills, sharpen old skills and spread your influence.

Change is adventurous. The adventure begins with embracing failure as a friend; by learning from it and denying fear an opportunity to hold you back. The adventure eliminates stagnation, renews our strength and builds resilience.
The story of an eagle illustrates this very well. It’s being told that an eagle can live up to seventy years depending on its willingness to take an adventurous journey of change. The eagle reaches a point in it’s life where the beak becomes old, weak and cannot attack its prey effectively. The feathers also become old and flight becomes difficult. The eagle therefore hits on a rock with its beak until it falls out, and it waits patiently for it to grow back. Then it uses the new beak to remove the aging feathers an adventure that takes courage and determination.

We need to emulate the eagle. It starts by taking an adventurous journey of removing old unhealthy and destructive life styles that hinder our adventurous journey of positive change. We need to trust that God will always renewal our strength as we walk in every stage of change.

The writer is the CEO/Founder -Pinnacle of Praise Show an outreach wing of Pinnacle of Praise Ministries. She is the Host of Pinnacle of Praise Show(TV) and In the Wings of our Stories(Radio) and the Author of a Woman of Influence: Empowered by God. She is a Minister, a Professional Counselor, a conference & Motivational Speaker and addresses topics on Emotional and Spiritual Health.

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