Pinnacle of Praise Show is an outreach wing of Pinnacle of Praise Ministries.

Beatrice Ndura felt inspired to start Pinnacle of Praise Ministries in September, 1999 a couple of months after arriving in South Bend Indian from Kenya (even though the ministry was not launched in Indiana). The Lord revealed to Beatrice that this ministry will have an outreach wing:

Television, Radio and publication. This was difficult for Beatrice to understand how it will come into play.

Pinnacle of Praise Ministries was incorporated in Pennsylvania in 2004.The new ministry embarked on a prayer teaching ministry in North Philadelphia for a period of 4 years.

After the Philadelphia mission was over, Beatrice started a prayer ministry and a multicultural church in her home town, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


Pinnacle of Praise Radio (weekly show): Women empowering women was started in 2010: The first episode was aired on Tuesday, November 30th, 2010.

In 2012 Pinnacle of Praise Show (TV) was launched. The media name changed from Pinnacle of Praise Radio: Women Empowering Women to Pinnacle of Praise Show: The Voice of Empowerment – a new name signified that the show is for all people regardless of gender.

The first TV episode was taped on October 12,2012 in Baltimore Maryland. The TV show has aired on Sayare TV (Kenya) for the last five years. The shows are also available on our You Tube Channel.

On March 17, 2016, the radio started airing 24/7, with different presenters covering topics on biblical teachings, emotional, mental and spiritual health, and short inspirational messages.


Our website is the home of educative authentic articles authored by people from diverse backgrounds and experiences. They cover: Spiritual Health, Emotional Health, Mental Health, Physical Health and General Health. It also houses the radio, podcasts, You Tube Channel, Autism Program, and Pinnacle of Praise Counseling among other stuff.


We are the voice of empowerment, providing a platform for empowerment opportunities, transference of skills based on biblical teachings and life experiences. Our shows offers an opportunity to network, grow in our faith, validate our worth and unleash our potential. Pinnacle of Praise Show is a platform for all people regardless of their age, social status and ethnicity; this is where we bring positive changes in our society while giving a voice to the dreams and hopes of many.


  • We believe that the Bible is inspired by God.
  • We believe that there is only one true God, revealed in three persons, the Father, Son, and The Holy Spirit
  • We believe everybody can be restored to God through salvation. (By accepting the forgiveness of sins through the work of the cross).
  • We believe in the work and baptism of the Holy Spirit.
  • We believe in the blessed Hope when Jesus raptures his church.
  • We believe in the final judgment, when those who rejected Christ will be judged of their sins.
Beatrice Ndura

Beatrice Ndura

C.E.O and Founder

Pinnacle of Praise Show

Beatrice Ndura has years of experience in working as a pastor both in Kenya and in the United States. This has given her relevant people skills, which are helpful in connecting with people from different backgrounds. She has a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling – Lancaster Bible College & Graduate School and her undergraduate work is in Bible and Theology – East Africa School of Theology.

Beatrice is the CEO/Founder of Pinnacle of Praise Show (an outreach wing of Pinnacle of Praise Ministries). She is a Professional Counselor at Pinnacle of Praise Counseling, an author, a story teller, motivational and conference speaker, a radio and tv show host. She addresses issues on spiritual, emotional and mental health.

She loves carrying people in the wings of her stories. She has a history of abuse and struggled with emotional wounds for a bigger part of her life. Story telling became one of her coping skills. It was a motivational, therapeutic tool that partly facilitated for her healing; and a tool that she uses in counseling and teaching.

She has worked for Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services Agencies in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and has experience working with children, adolescents and adults with mental, emotional and behavioral challenges (including autism).

Another set of experience gained while working at Safe Harbor Christian Counseling of Lancaster includes, individual, family, and couples counseling in the areas of depression, anxiety, anger management, abuse and marital problems.

Beatrice counsels her clients from a position of grace centered on the truth of God’s Word and clinical skills. She does not only transfer coping skills to her clients but also, brings them to a position where they can experience the mercy and grace of God. She works with children, adolescents, adults, couples, and family; and has special interest in women issues and appreciates women who reach out for help because it is a sign of strength.

She sees counseling with women as an opportunity to help them grow in their spiritual and emotional health, and be able to unleash their full potential in their role as:

  • Healing catalysts
  • Back bone of survival in all aspects
  • Source of empowerment: as we empower each other by processing together painful memories and fears in a nonjudgmental environment

You may learn more on Beatrice’s work with women in her book: A Woman of Influence: Empowered by God.

To book Beatrice for a speaking engagement send an email to: info@pinnacleofpraiseshow.com

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A Woman of Influence: Empowered By God Author: Beatrice Ndura She is the CEO/Founder Pinnacle of Praise Ministries. She is a Minister, Professional Counselor, Radio/TV Host, A Conference and Motivational Speaker.

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Our Vision & Mission: To remove the Stigma, Educate, create awareness and source for Professionals who can volunteer their knowledge to our teachers, parents and caregivers.

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“Prayer is not bending God's arm to whatever you want. It is a relationship built on trust and communication”

Beatrice Ndura
Beatrice Ndura C.E.O/Founder Pinnacle of Praise Ministries

“Rejection hurts us to the core. It destroys the person that we are. It also damages our self esteemed sabotages, our purpose in life. God's Love is a powerful and available tool to help us face our rejection with hope and bondness. ”

Beatrice Ndura
Beatrice Ndura C.E.O/Founder Pinnacle of Praise Ministries

“When we engage in excuses and focus on irritations and weaknesses, we fail to acknowledge the power of God which is manifested in our weaknesses. ”

Beatrice Ndura
Beatrice Ndura C.E.O/Founder Pinnacle of Praise Ministries